Q: Which function is different between premium type and standard type?

Premium type has two reciprocating-sweeping brushes and center brush that cleans top of molar (Occlusal surface), and there is bump at back of center brush that eliminates coating on the tongue, i.e. it consists of 3 brushes. Standard type consists of 2 reciprocating-sweeping brushes.

Q: How can we distinguish between large sized refill head and small sized refill head (the part that goes into mouth)?

You can distinguish the size of brush head by color, i.e. large size is white and small size is pink, and for refill head (the part that goes into mouth), the large size is bigger than the small size.

Q: For which kind of person is more appropriate to use large size refill?

Large size refill is made for adults from 10years old.

Q: For which ages are more appropriate to use small size refill?

Small size refill is made to be used from 4 to 9 years old.

Q: Is it possible to clean top of molar (Occlusal surface) and tongue with standard type product?

You can clean top of molar well if putting brush at 45° angle at outside of molar or top of inside, pulling the brush slowly while rotating it without inserting deeply. When clean the tongue, use brush, making close contact to tongue and moving it back and forth relatively fast, while brush rotates.

Q: What should I do after pressing refill hard on top of body, matching it to 3 bumps?

You can use it by pressing ON/OFF switch after press refill hard and fix it so as for refill front and body front to match exactly.

Q: Automatic toothbrush does not operate.

COOLSSHA product needs to be charged for minimum 6 hours and it takes more than 8 hours minimum to charge it fully.

Q: How to replace a refill?

1. How to separate the refill?
Hold the body(handle) with one hand and hold the center support of the refill with the other hand. Pull the body(handle) and center support apart

2. How to combine the refill?
Look at the front of refill and body, snugly combine the three recessed holes in the refill and the three exposed protrusions on the handle, then you can use it by pressing ON/OFF switch

Q: Is it OK to use like conventional toothbrush?

Place an adequate amount of toothpaste on the middle of the brush. Do not reciprocate with hand as if you brush your teeth with conventional toothbrush, however, just pull it slowly from molar to front teeth during 30 seconds.

Q: Cornering is inconvenient when moving from molar to front teeth.

Cornering from molar to front tooth would be convenient if relax your wrist, hold handle only with 3~4 fingers and move left & right slightly, maintaining horizontal angle, while looking into a mirror, and make sharp curve along with tooth arrangement angle and rotate slowly.

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