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Clean and Safe Toothbrush Storage

Using a toothbrush is mainly to remove bacteria in the mouth.  Thus, keeping the toothbrush clean without bacteria is very important.

Remember the following tips to keep your toothbrush clean and safe.

Place a cover while traveling. You don’t have to do it at home.  When traveling, carry your toothbrush in the travel case. Do not let the toothbrush roll in a trunk or in a toiletries pouch where dirt, stain or bacteria may exist without placing a cover.  However, do not store the toothbrush in a case at home.  In a constantly humid environment, bacteria can multiply quite quickly.  If you frequently use the toothbrush case, look for a case with air holes to let air through.  At home, stand your toothbrush in a cup or place it in a toothbrush holder with the air dry function and divided spaces per toothbrush.

Consider using disinfectants.  Look for “toothbrush disinfectant” in the market.  The thing is, there is no ground to support the statement that toothbrush disinfectants actually keep the toothbrush cleaner than simply rinse and dry it with water.  If you want to use disinfectants, look for products approved by the KFDA regarding "Reduction of bacterial contamination naturally occurring in toothbrushes."  You need be suspicious of disinfectants of which advertisement doesn’t make sense.  Do not disinfect the toothbrush in a dishwasher or microwave.  High temperature can damage your toothbrush.

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