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제목 What to Do after a Baby Has a Teeth
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Most parents starts to worry on how to take care of baby tooth after a baby starts to have a teeth.

When does a baby start to have a teeth?

Usually two lower ridges (middle front teeth) come out around 6 months, and 2 upper front teeth come out after a little while.  After that, for the 18-24 months, all remaining baby tooth grow, but it may not be in exact order.  All 20 baby tooth are there at age 2 to 3.

When a baby starts to have a teeth, the baby not only is frustrated but also drools and takes things to the mouth. If a body temperature is lower than 37.7℃ while getting a teeth, it is normal. If a body temperature exceeds that, consult with your doctor.

What can I do to relieve the pain of a baby?

The baby may feel frustrated because of the uncomfortable feeling of while getting a teeth. To relieve this discomfort, gently rub the baby's gums with clean fingers or wet gauze pads.  If you give a cool teething rings, it will calm down the baby’s sensitive gums.  Another is to give me a piece of cookie (teething biscuit) or a piece of bread for your baby to chew.  You can also use medicines that are applied directly to the gums.  You can find it in pharmacies.

After your baby had a first tooth, brush it daily with a soft toothbrush for babies.  Cleaning the inside of mouth after eating a food can establish a healthy oral care habit in early days.

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