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Proper eating habits ensure health and wellbeing, and of course the dental health.  Here are some tips on what to eat to keep beautiful and healthy teeth.

Remember that the eating habits of a pregnant woman affect not only the teeth and gum health of the mother but also those of a baby.

Bitter Truth on the Sugar

Sugar is the enemy of teeth.  It is a good medium for acids that damage enamel and cause tooth decay.  That is why sweet and sticky foods such as jelly and fudge are prohibited. If you want to eat sweet stuff, eat them once a week and after a solid meal. It’s because you can get to brush your teeth after eating them.  If you do not have toothpaste and toothbrush, rinse your mouth.  It helps to avoid the harmful low pH by promoting the formation of saliva.


For healthy teeth, enjoy yogurt, kefir, buttermilk, cheese, canned fish, and smoked fish.  Also, beans, vegetables, dried figs, poppies, sesame, greasy fish are good. These foods contain calcium. The teeth are a kind of bone, and the central substance of the teeth is calcium.  It will create solid enamel.

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