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제목 Cavities and Tooth Extraction: The Truth about Cavities
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The most important fact about tooth decay is that you do not always know it early.

This is why it is important that you brush your teeth twice a day and use the dental floss every day, as well as visit your dentist or hygienist regularly to get an overall cleaning and oral checkup.

There may be a toothache depending on where the tooth cavities are located. The cavities on the tooth enamel are not painful.  You will not notice until the cavity reaches the soft intermediate layer, dentin, located between the enamel and the dental pulp. A tooth with a cavity can be saved if the decay is only developed to enamel and dentin, but if it has been developed to the center and the dental pulp, you may have to receive the endodontic treatment or take the teeth out.

The endodontic treatment can preserve your teeth, but for severe condition, your dentist may recommend to take the teeth out.  If you take a teeth out due to severe cavities, consider replacing it with artificial teeth. It is also important to keep the gum clean and take proper oral hygiene practice according to the directions of the dentist.  Replacement with artificial teeth after tooth extraction is very important to oral hygiene for several reasons.  If it is left out, the tooth around it may be pushed away or it may affect the chewing behavior.

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