Oral Diseases and Solutions

제목 Begin the proper oral care early.
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A good idea is to start using the floss once it is confirmed that the child's teeth are in contact with each other.  It is usually about two or three years old.  At this time, food pieces get caught between the teeth, bacteria multiply, generating the plaque. Not all children at this age need to use floss. Please seek advice from your dentist.  However, the AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends that parents brush their walking babies' teeth twice a day with a soft toothbrush.  This toothbrush is specially designed for the baby's small mouth and soft gums at this time.

Healthy oral care begins before the first tooth.  AAP recommends that parents wipe their gums with a soft gauze towel or baby toothbrush and water (no toothpaste) after breastfeeding. Once your baby is 12 months old, start brushing twice a day.  Some dentists recommend fluoride-free toothpaste before the age of two.  Consult with your dentist to be sure.  A toothbrush that suits the age of a child and water may be enough.

Once the children are 2 years old, encourage them to brush their teeth with toothbrushes by themselves.  However, parents still have to take follow-up actions and brush the teeth again to make sure they are clean.  If a child refuses to brush their teeth, parents need to make the tooth brushing into an interesting play, like saying "Let's look for the treasure hidden behind the tooth." Of course, you can also make tooth brushing more enjoyable by using a toothbrush with a cartoon character that your child likes.

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