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제목 Causes of Tooth Coloration
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Oral hygiene is directly related to the beauty of the teeth.  Irregular brushing can cause tooth coloration.

There are generally two types of coloration:  internal (inside the teeth) and external (surface) coloration. The internal coloration occurs inside the teeth.  This coloration proceeds progressively from taking certain medications, and appears more frequently in older people. Smoking or drinking coffee and tea can result in tooth surface coloration. Toothpaste containing pyrophosphate prevents the coloration. Pyrophosphate prevents dental plaque from building up and allows dentists to remove tartar easily with a professional cleaning method.  To maintain the white teeth, you should take regular oral hygiene cards.  The main cause of tartar is the accumulation of plaque, and removing plaque by brushing teeth is the first step in keeping the white teeth.  A very effective tool to remove plaque and tooth surface coloration is a powered toothbrush with vibration-rotating technology.  Thanks to this technology, electric toothbrushes remove more plaque than regular toothbrushes.

There are various electric brush heads, including bristles that help polish the tooth surface and remove coloration.

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