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  • 작성일 2018-01-05
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Dear sir/madam,

For our website, we currently testing new electric toothbrush models on the US market, where we focus on best design (both esthetics design and technological design). We came across the COOLSSHA 7DPremium and are very positive on the technology used, as well as all design features.

We are planning to publish 2 articles on the best electric toothbrushes, for which we think the COOLSSHA could be our best pick. Therefore, we would like to perform an extensive review of the toothbrush and would appreciate one or two test sample(s) if possible. If the results are positive, we will moreover include an additional article with an in-depth review of the COOLSSHA.

Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards,

Jurjen Ruben

Content manager

Best Oral Hygiene

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