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Good Morning,


My name is Sophia and I'm Head of Client Partnerships at We pride ourselves in bridging the gap between relevant consumer brands and viral social exposure.


We're a millennial-run digital media platform offering content creation, social brand management and viral promotion at a fraction of agency standard costs. Our turnaround times are twice as fast as our big-agency competitors and we're praised for our hands-off client execution. Our past work includes luxury hotels, upscale fashion brands, high-end food and beverage, consumer products, international artists + more - I encourage you to learn more about us here:


Our Web:

Our Instagram: @func.u


What’s unique about func. is our clients have the luxury of benefitting from 10+ different value-add roles (photographers, videographers, copywriters, designers, growth hackers, content managers and many more) for less than the cost of a single internal position. Check out our suggested Pilot project below:


Pilot Program I // Content + Viral Promotion // $2,500 USD

One Month.

  • We provide one month of original social content for Facebook and Instagram. 12 customized posts.

  • 1 Video, 2 Animations/Shoppable Stories, 9 Photos.

  • We facilitate a hands-off Social Ad Campaign with your refreshed content, guaranteeing at least 25,000 targeted impressions in your demographic/market of choice.

  • We provide you with a detailed report outlining the success of the campaign and the overall social impact.


I've included three past video campaign examples, all quite different but equally effective. You'll also find Shoppable Instagram Stories and Animations at the Dropbox links below:



Featured Video + Shoppable Stories


I’d love to hear your initial thoughts - do you have time for a 15-minute chat this week?




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