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Tartar is a deposit formed by hardened plaque on the tooth surface.  The degree of tartar formation varies greatly per individual.

Generally, it forms faster as you get old.  Calcite is easily recognizable because it is formed in yellow or brown color on the tooth surface.

Factors Causing Tartar Formation

If a plaque is created and not removed, it can become hard and turn into tartar.  Tartar gets strongly attached to the enamel, so it can only be removed by professional dental care.

Prevention of Tartar Formation

Even though the tartar can only be removed with a professional dental care, but its formation can be prevented by removing the plaque. To prevent plaque, you should brush your teeth more than twice a day and use the dental floss every day.  If possible, use the fluoride toothpaste with tartar suppression function. Visit the dentist regularly for oral check-up and receive the professional cleaning.

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