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제목 Proper Diet vs. Teeth Feeling the Cold
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One of the main reasons why teeth are cold is that the enamel becomes weak and exposes the dentin which brings keen pain when stimulated.

To prevent this, you should maintain balanced diet in addition to the proper oral hygiene.  Some eating habits can directly damage enamel.  Most are related to over-consumption of low-pH foods and drinks.  The acid food makes the enamel weak immediately after taking it.  If you ate these foods and drinks, you should wait at least 1 hour and brush your teeth.  Instead, you can use the mouthwash. Using a mouthwash can remove any remaining food residues and sugars in the drinks.  To minimize the side effects of sweet snacks is the correct order of intake. First, eat food which may damage the enamel.  After that, it is recommendable to eat a product rich in calcium and fluoride.  Milk, dairy products, fish and eggs are better than other foods, and cacao is also good.

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