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제목 Is the tooth brushing method related to the cold teeth?
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In addition to choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste, care must be taken in how to brush the teeth to prevent teeth feeling the cold.

We often think of oral care as a repetitive and uninteresting activity.  However, even if you are not worried about oral health at all, you still need to compare your usual habits with recommendations by professionals.

When using a regular toothbrush, the most recommended tooth brushing method is brushing the teeth delicately in a circle.  Brush the outside, inside and chewing side.  The gum line must be brushed carefully.  Use a soft brush head to avoid irritation. Finally, gently wipe your tongue and palate to keep your breath fresh for a long time. Repeat this brushing method more than twice a day.

Brush your teeth for more than 2 minutes. Of course, to take better care of dental hygiene, you can use the dental floss to clean the difficult-to-reach areas between teeth.

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