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제목 Science of Tooth Coloration
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Teeth are colored for a variety of reasons, including food and beverages, oral hygiene, and medication.

Dental coloration can occur on the teeth surface (external coloration) or inside the teeth enamel (internal coloration), and some people have both kinds of coloration.

How can I measure the teeth coloration?

Tooth color is subjective, so it is difficult to be sure how much whitening products reduce or eliminate tooth staining.  A 2004 study in dental journals revealed that even experts have different opinions on tooth color when evaluating the identical tooth, and a single expert can evaluate an identical tooth differently under different situations.  (2) One way to evaluate the effectiveness of whitening products is to take a high-resolution digital photograph of a tooth and to value the whitening effect in numerical terms of yellowness reduction, redness reduction and brightness increase.

What factors cause the teeth coloration?

The teeth color and teeth coloration are determined by several biological factors including the transparency of the tooth enamel.  As a person gets older, the outer layer of the tooth enamel becomes thinner and dentin (yellower than the tooth enamel) is shown more. Also, the light scattering properties of teeth enamel change and become one of the teeth coloration.

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